2. If the commodity price is greater than or equal to 100 US dollars, and the goods are not delivered within 336 hours after the order is generated, a fine will be imposed, which is 20% of the order amount or 1 US dollar. If the logistics determines that the goods are delivered within X days, the delayed delivery will be cancelled (the specific number of days depends on the system of each country, not all countries are the same). However, it is worth noting that if the merchant changes the logistics information, the fine will not be cancelled.






When the appeal is submitted, the merchant can see the appeal status in the account - appeal, and the merchant can see the updated information on the "logistics tracking appeal" page when submitting the delayed delivery appeal. When appealing, the merchant should pay attention not to put all their hopes on the appeal template, and it is recommended not to use any template. The merchant copies and pastes other people's words to appeal, which shows that the merchant is very insincere, In addition, the staff can see this way at a glance, so businesses should explain why there is delay in delivery according to their actual situation, try to find some uncontrollable external reasons, and then how to improve it. They must be sincere and don't let customer service feel that you are dealing with them, Try to say that your store is excellent to seek forgiveness for this violation. Try to grasp the key points in the appeal and don't write nonsense. Generally speaking, as long as the appeal is reasonable, the e-commerce platform is acceptable.